Session 4: Working in a Multidisciplinary World - in collaboration with the British Ecological Society

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In this session, topics discussed included building interdisciplinary teams, designing projects, communication across disciplines, and interdisciplinary work to persuasively communicate research. The session provided participants with skills and ideas to foster collaborations between economists and ecologists, and research users and creators. Our speakers were:

  • Emilie Aimé. Emilie is a Senior Managing Editor at the British Ecological Society with over 12 years’ experience working in academic publishing. She looks after the strategic development of several BES journals including People and Nature. She also works on several broader projects in academic publishing including on open data and publication and research ethics.



  • Asif Noorani. Asif co-founded Epiphany Productions to foster creativity and collaboration across the domains of art, science, engineering, and design. As Digital Democracy Champion for the Speaker's Digital Democracy Commission, author of two Digital Transformation Guides, and independent Governor of the University of Worcester, he delivers speeches and seminars to empower organisations to absorb uncertainty and thrive in a complex world. 


  • Prof. Nicola Beaumont. Nicola is Head of Science for the Sea and Society team at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Her expertise in valuing and assessing biodiversity and ecosystem services is backed by her sustained publication record and her contribution to high level reports such as the NEA. She has honorary professorships at the School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, and the College of Life & Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter.


  • Ece Özdemiroğlu FRSAEce is the Founding Director of eftec. She is a Member of the UK - Climate Change Committee working on Adaptation and of the Scottish First Minister's Environment Council. Ece is an environmental economist specialising in valuing natural capital assets and using this evidence in accounting and appraisal. Believing that communicating evidence is just as important as gathering it, she enjoys speaking to, and writing for, different audiences and bringing academic and applied research together.