Session 1: Economics for Nature

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Titled ‘Economics for Nature’, the session was chaired by Professor Nicholas Hanley from Glasgow University. Recordings of this session are available to UKNEE members. 

Speakers presented their research and engaged in a dialogue before taking questions from the audience. The speakers, and a summary of the studies they presented, were as follows:

  • Ian Dickie, Director at eftec, presented his team’s paper ‘The Value of Species Data in England’'. The study demonstrates the benefits of having species data to make an economic case for investing in data collection and collation. The results suggest that improvements of the existing species data pathway are good value for public money.


  • Dr Diane Burgess, from AFBINI, presented her work 'Delivering Connective Nature Based Solutions: Barriers Faced by Famers and Potential Solutions’. By identifying barriers to investing in individual and connective-NbS and proposing potential solutions, the study suggests sustainable investments to enhance the potential of NbS to address significant societal challenges.


  • Prof Nicholas Hanley from the University of Glasgow presented his team’s results on ‘Ecological and Economic Implications of Alternative Metrics in Biodiversity Offset Markets’. Using an ecological-economic modelling framework, the study shows that there are significant economic and ecological implications following the choice of metric for a biodiversity offset trading scheme.