Session 2: Economic Policy Appraisal in Practice

Image showing details for the session. All details are in the text on this page.

The session chair, Professor Nicholas Hanley from the University of Glasgow, wrote:

Economists like to think that their ideas and methods have some relevance to real-world policy design and appraisal, and that advances in economic theory get reflected in guidance. But to what extent does this actually happen? In this session we feature reflections on changes in the way in which cost-benefit analysis is undertaken by government in the UK, on the use of economic valuation in water quality management, and listen to a perspective on the use of environmental economics ideas within policy in Denmark.

The following panel members discussed this topic from different angles, after which they responded to audience questions:

  • Green Book revisions and the social rate of discount - Joseph Lowe, HM Treasury
  • Green Book revisions – what impact did they have? Ian Bateman, LEEP, University of Exeter
  • Role of economics in environmental policy: Experience from Denmark, Bo Jellesmark Thorsen, University of Copenhagen
  • Impact evaluation for catchment management in Northern Ireland – Catherine Glass, AFBI
  • Applying CBA to water quality management in the UK – Jonathan Fisher


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