envecon 2016 - Presentations

Keynote Speech: Natural Capital – Business – Environmental Economics - Mark Gough, Executive Director, Natural Capital Coalition

Demystifying Economic Valuation – Consultation  - Ece Özdemiroğlu, eftec & VNP, UK

Plenary Session: Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP) at the University of Exeter: A pre-launch overview (Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall)                                                                                            

  • LEEP Overview: From Agri-Environment to Volcanomics!
  • Saving biodiversity - the economics way
  • Bringing rebounds into economic analysis
  • Sustainable intensification
  • ORVAL - tools for planning recreation

and more!         

Parallel Session 1: Economic Valuation (Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall) - Chair: Prof Mike Christie, Aberystwyth University

Parallel Session 2: Risk  (Kohn Centre) - Chair: Allan Provins, eftec

Plenary Session: Cost Benefit Analysis (Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall) - Chair: Prof Ben Groom, LSE

Parallel Session 3: Climate Change, Policy and Business  (Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall)  - Chair: Dr Paolo Agnolucci, UCL

Parallel Session 4: Spatial Analysis (Kohn Centre)Chair: Prof Dan Rigby, University of Manchester

Parallel Session 5: Natural Capital Accounting

Parallel Session 6: Climate, Energy and Economic Behaviour