UKNEE Webinars

2020 UKNEE Webinar Series 1: Covid19, our appreciation of nature & conservation

Dr Ganga Shreedhar & Prof Susana Mourato, London School of Economics and Policy

Especially during the lockdown, most people started to develop a different appreciation of our natural environment: birdsong and cleaner air in inner city; our local bit of nature for our daily exercise; and quieter streets to name a few. But have we also become more aware of our impact on the environment? Are we more willing to change our behaviours or support conservation efforts?

webinarIn this webinar, we will hear about a study that took place during the lockdown in the UK on whether linking human destruction of nature to Covid19 increases support for wildlife conservation policies.

The paper is here: - a brief introduction by the authors will be followed by an extended Q&A session.

Registration will open later in August.

Further webinars are planned and open to members to present, anyone to attend. Details will be announced in due course:

  • October 14th,
  • November 11th,
  • December 9th

If the Autumn series work well, we’ll repeat in 2021.