Socio-Economic Analyst (CRD REACH - Band 3/SEO)

Closing date for applications: Sunday 27th November 2019 (extended deadline).

Locations: Bootle, North West, L20 7HS and York, Yorkshire and the Humber, YO1 7PX

Salary: £37,578 - £44,331

About the role: 

The post is for an Economic Analyst primarily to support the work of the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD). Your primary task will be to undertake and assess socioeconomic impact assessments on proposals related to the regulation of chemicals. The scale and scope of questions that the economic analyst may have to deal with will vary, but will primarily be related to the costs and benefits of chemicals regulation and the technical and economic feasibility of alternatives and substitution of chemicals of concern. You would support the Head of Socioeconomic Analysis in their work for CRD.

Using tools such as cost-benefit analysis, impact assessment and options appraisal, the economic analyst will play a crucial role in the regulation of chemicals. The analyst is expected to be at the forefront of assessing the impact of proposals to manage the risks of chemicals.


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